Why Customers Say we're the best gym Management Software

Over 800 health clubs worldwide use InTouch FollowUp as their sales and retention software. Learn how our clients are driving communication with leads, personal training clients and members to improve their bottom line.

Obsessed with InSights

Awesome ability to drill down to details, changing my level of confidence in staff- accountability. We are changing call scripting based on the metrics. 'Love, love, love' the fact I can do this on my iPad - now reports are a part of the morning commute. 'Happy camper.' Very responsive.

-Jason Jaquays-Tarbox, Golds Gym Syracuse

InTouch FollowUp increased the productivity of our sales team

We chose InTouch FollowUp because it was designed for the health club industry. Its system mirrored the way we do business, but automated and improved the process almost every step of the way. InTouch FollowUp provides automatic communication for nurturing leads through the sales process and increased the productivity of our sales team
-Nancy Terry, SVP of Marketing for Sport & Health

We saw a 15% increase in revenue because of InTouch FollowUp

Our goals in bringing InTouch FollowUp into our clubs were to improve organization and reduce loss of leads. We saw a 15% increase in revenue because of InTouch FollowUp and we saw an immediate impact in how smoothly our front desk ran when we started using the InTouch Welcome Kiosk.
-Jeff Goldsmith, Owner of 4 Gold's Gyms

We can easily see key sales ratios so we know exactly how our team is performing

Before using InTouch FollowUp we relied heavily on multiple, manual systems and reports to manage our prospects. However now with InTouch, we have one source for data and reporting for all our prospects. We can easily see new opportunities added, calls made, closing rates and other key sale ratios so we know exactly how our team is performing.
-Martin Darby, CEO of Celebrity Fitness

InTouch FollowUp has definitely helped with improving our member retention

Because InTouch FollowUp schedules follow-up calls and emails to our new members, we are able to make sure that the integration process is going well and that the new member is enjoying their experience. This has definitely helped with improving our retention. It also provides an opportunity to generate referral leads by inviting our new members to bring in their friends and co-workers on a regular basis. Overall, I am very happy that our membership team has embraced InTouch FollowUp and appreciate how it helps them to maximize all of our opportunities, while keeping them organized on a daily basis.
-Kathy Arena, Senior Membership Director of Healthworks Fitness Centers

InTouch FollowUp makes it easy to manage prospects in the way we need to in our industry

InTouch was easy to install, easy for our staff to use and the reporting functions give us exactly what we need to see from a sales perspective. Other prospecting systems we researched just did not match up to our industry and were all very complicated to manage, and had too many steps. The way InTouch FollowUp is set up really makes it easy to manager prospects in the way we need to in our industry with minimal training.
-Cory Ferraro, VP of Sales & Marketing for Leisure Sports

We have total transparency in our business so we can hold staff to company expectations daily

InTouch FollowUp gives your business total transparency! Our managers are trained to track live club data to always see what the clubs are doing, and where the focus needs to be. By having this information in our hands every minute of the day — that can also be accessed anywhere — we are able to have total clarity of our business so we can hold staff to company expectations daily.
-Jared Williams, Managing Partner of Dynamic Fitness

InTouch makes it easier for club operators to manage their clubs and coach for success

InTouch has greatly enhanced our sales reps’ organization and managers’ accountability on where to coach our staff. We now have the ability to transfer information from one rep to another at the click of a button, as well as look at our sales teams’ agenda at a glance. This has made our multi-club operators’ job much simpler to manage and coach for success.
-Robert Rettmann, VP of Training & Development for The Rush Fitness Complex

InTouch outperforms all other sales management systems

We've been extremely happy with InTouch FollowUp's offering. We've used several other sales management systems and InTouch has outperformed all of them. The continuous support that we get from their staff is incredible and we're excited about the relationship.
-Debbie Cedeno, VP of Marketing & Sales for The Alaska Club

We had a record breaking June when we first brought InTouch FollowUp into our club

We’ve embraced InTouch FollowUp in every part of our sales cycle. Our sales team is more enthusiastic about gathering leads because they have a central location to store them and they know exactly when to follow-up with the leads now. As a manager, I love that I can see who is gathering leads, who is calling on leads, who is getting leads in for appointments and who is closing their appointments. All the information is right there and there’s no hiding from it. InTouch FollowUp has provided us with a scoreboard that we can build on. In fact, when we first brought the software into our club, we had a record breaking month as far as deals go.
-Todd Sheehan, Manager of Bellingham Fitness

I don't know how we survived without InTouch FollowUp

We've been really happy with InTouch FollowUp as it helps us keep our business organized. I don't know how we survived the past 6 years without it!"
-Jason Sucheki , Anytime Fitness Owner

I sleep better at night knowing that we're consistently in contact with our leads

InTouch FollowUp lets me see all of our sales information and numbers in one, easy-to-access place. At a glance I can get a picture of how many calls are being made daily and we know that more calls = more sales. Also, the automatic emails and text message that go out from the system help me sleep better at night because I know that if all else fails and one of my sales people are out, we'll still be in contact with all our leads – automatically! Best of all, I love that leads flow automatically from our website to InTouch and into ABC Financial's Datatrak.
-Vince Consalvo, Owner of Mid City Gym

InTouch improved show rates 49%

We track many statistic to determine how our business is doing and since we started using InTouch FollowUp our show rate really stood out. Back in October 2009, less than 50% of our scheduled tours actually happened. yeah While we wanted our Membership associates to confirm each appointment, it rarely happened.
Now, with InTouch, the tour reminders are automatically sent directly to the cell phone of each lead, which means they show up much more often. Our show rate in October 2010 was 67% (101 out of 152 appointments)! This meant a great increase in the number of memberships we sold!
-Josh Donovan, Manager, Kennedy Clubs (Atascadero)

Leads no longer fall through the cracks

Before we had InTouch FollowUp, it was hard for me to keep track of leads and I was afraid of leads falling through the cracks. With the automatic follow-up call scheduling, I am confident that every lead will be contacted. Also, the text message reminder for tours, orientation appointments and PT sessions free up my staff to focus on making more sales instead of having to remember to confirm appointments.
-Skye Kaiss, Owner of Gold's Gym (Regina, Canada)

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