powerful, intuitive reporting to Track Health sales Data Against club goals

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InSights Reporting Dashboards

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Your most important health club sales reports are available in real-time with the click of a button from InSights+Goals Dashboards. 

Choose from a selection of popular dashboards to see sales facts from high-level with the ability to drill down from multiple clubs and regions revealing important metrics. 

Answer important operational questions, such as:

Owner Level:
“How are my sales today and how does that compare across all of my clubs?”
“How many new members are booked for orientations and are we getting referrals from them?”
Sales Team:
“What have I completed today and what activities do I need to focus on?”



Compare Data Across Multiple Clubs

Locate common factors of success and areas of improvement

What's working or needs improvement in your sales funnel is powerful information to monitor. With InSights+Goals you can see at a glance how leads are moving through your system. This powerful tool also allows club management to set goals for each KPI enabling them to track overall and individual performance against club goals. 


Monitor and Analyse Staff Activities 

Track leads and members and compare against trending data

Keep track of how individual staff members are performing against sales goals using InSights+Goals. Analyze top performers to share insights with under performers. 

Identify and Solve Problems 

Intuitive drill down features that move from a macro to micro level

When you see an interesting fact on your dashboard it's time to dig deeper and discover what's really going on. Simply click and watch the dashboard reconfigure, pulling in detailed data from across your system to help you diagnose and discover.


Motivate Sales Staff 

Provide access to their own individual reporting, giving them what they need to fuel performance

Keep your sales team on track to success by helping them focus on what's important each day. They can see their own personal KPI's, noting where they're strong and identify areas for improvement. 


Goals this month

Track Member Onboarding 

Follow key metrics to help bring focus to all activities associated with initial member engagement

Your ultimate goal is to have 100% of your new members booked in orientations and engaged in the personal training pipeline. 

The lifetime of a member is longer when they're introduced properly.


Sales Funnel

Enables you to track leads as they move through each part of the sales lifecycle

The sales funnel enables you to track leads as they move through each part of the sales lifecycle, ensuring that new leads get the attention that they need and comparing your conversion rates across previous months. Great for campaign tracking and forecasting. 

New leads are hot leads. Make sure they get attention.

Reportingnew member onboarding

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