Schedule Personal Communications to Health Club Leads

Guarantee 7-11 points of contact with all your health club leads and members through automatic and personal communication. Close more sales by proactively reaching out to all your leads and members.

New Home Dash - Desktop & Tablet

Daily Plan

Sales staff start their day with a pre-set plan so they know exactly what to do and what to expect. And because they can easily see the calls and tasks they’ve missed, they can immediately take action and follow-up with those people first.

text message boxPersonal and Automated Text Messages

Can't reach leads on the phone? Send them a text message directly from InTouch Drive instead. Leads can text back right from their phone and you get a faster response!

Book club tours in InTouch Drive and leads are automatically reminded of their appointments. These automatic text message appointment reminders improve health club tour show rate by 10-20%. 


Contact What's Next

Follow-Up Automation

InTouch Drive automatically schedules your point of contact with a lead or member right after you complete a call or appointment with them. The next follow-up action is based on your communication schedule and you don’t have to worry that staff aren’t getting in touch with leads or members at key times in the sales cycle.

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Find out how InTouch Technology can help your health club proactively follow-up with all leads and members so you close more sales.

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