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Key Trends In 2017: Making Your Health Club a GREAT Place to Work Out

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It’s no secret that the health & fitness industry is highly susceptible to trends. Fads in diet, wellness and exercise programs, some good, some bad, always seem to come and go. Members of health clubs expect their gym to keep up with the times, acting as their watchdog and providing current programs designed to help members achieve their fitness goals. Keeping abreast of the latest trends while maintaining solid, tried and true programming that drive results is a careful balancing act.

A great gym has a culture, a feel, that helps its members be inspired and empowered, while giving them the workout options they expect.  So, with that in mind, let's take a look at a few trends that are likely to shape gym culture and member experience in the year to come.

A Few Predictions For 2017 Gym Trends

  1. "HIIT" High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

The last few years have seen a lot of experimentation with mix-and-match workout styles, like CrossFit, combining a multitude of different types.  Whether your flavor is Bootcamp or CrossFit or BollyX, the resulting HIIT workouts craze continues to attract people for group classes and personal training.  With the emphasis on results, this approach shows no sign of slowing down!


  1. More Personalization

One trend hitting every retailer is towards more personalization, customization and catering to individual needs. Buyers today are highly empowered and living in a society where technology allows extreme individualization. In health clubs, members are coming to expect personalized communication and encouragement. Smart software that pays attention to the member’s lifecycle stage, preferences and engagement level can automatically provide that personalized touch at just the right moment to keep a member on-track.

Those sorts of personalization programs, coupled with overall excellent service, are what will be inspiring members to keep renewing their memberships and extending their overall lifetime value. It's important to keep that personal touch at all stages of the member life cycle for maximum impact.

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    1. Studio Style Clubs

    Directly linked to the above point, studios are making big waves in the fitness industry because of their ability to cater to individual’s specific fitness preferences.  Whether Yoga, Pilates, Cycling or Barre, studios are creating an experience that speaks to a core group of followers and consumers are responding by paying more, engaging more and showing more loyalty.

    1. Wearables

    A major technological shift has hit fitness in the last couple years - wearable smart devices. Gizmos like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other health-tracking devices are becoming huge among health enthusiasts, with more adopters every month. Expect many people to unwrap these on Christmas morning.

    In turn, gyms are looking to high-tech solutions to integrate these devices into their own programs. One obvious application is to create a digital "scoreboard" which is tied into members' smart devices, posting individual stats such as heartrate, miles run, and so forth. Integrating them in to the club culture, programs and mission statements will be important 2017.

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