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Improving Online Lead-to-Sales Conversion Ratios

Sales Conversion Magnet | InTouch Follow-UpYour club’s marketing team has done all the right things communicating your club’s special and unique offerings to a highly-competitive marketplace. They’ve pierced the noise and leveraged every technological advantage to bring you web leads. Hooray!

Now, how do you best nurture those precious online connections that are potential members of your club?
At InTouch, we’ve studied this nurturing/sales process with our new InSights Dashboards, looking deep into over 10 years’ worth of health club industry data.

What we see is that clubs using InTouch lead tracking and sales CRM software achieve up to 22% web lead to sale conversion rates.

What are these clubs doing with InTouch that manual systems are not?


Four Ways Sales Technology Builds Memberships
(better than manual/paper systems!) 

  1. Faster Response Time

As soon as a prospect identifies themselves via one of your web forms their request is fulfilled automatically and alerts are sent to the club. Management can immediately assign the lead to a member of the sales team for personalized follow-up. If the team is overwhelmed (such as during the New Year’s rush), no need to worry! The system will automatically continue nurturing the lead, ensuring regular communication until the lead manager can get in touch. 

  1. Communication Consistency

Ideally, each touch point with a lead will clearly communicate your club’s value proposition and brand promise. This can be tough especially with new members of the sales team. With sales technology, blanket templates are readily available for each stage of the sales process. Automatic prompts within the system remind your team what personal touches need to occur, and when, to properly engage the lead.

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  1. Ideal Rhythm or Pace

InTouch clubs use their sales data to define, refine and replicate their unique systems for sales success and member retention. InSights Dashboards have significantly improved club management’s ability to ‘see into the numbers’ and measure important sales metrics plus identify opportunities for celebration or improvement. Actual, live data is a key component of constructing the ideal sales process for your club.

  1. Prompts to Close

One of the most common mistakes that sales people make centers around missing the cues that lead to, and therefore not closing, a sale. An automated sales system, like InTouch, keeps sales associates focused on their key accounts, alert for opportunities to close and provides timely information to help make the sale. The new InSights Dashboards motivate sales members to reach their goals with real-time statistics on progress.

InTouch - The solution for health club sales technology

InTouch has been developed to help you gain more members and improve their experience at your gym.  Contact us today to see a full demonstration

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