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Best Practices for Email Follow-Up with Prospects in the Fitness Industry



Email Follow-Up Fitness Industry | InTouch Follow-Up

When a new visitor comes to your club, he or she is just a lead. Most of the time that visitor will leave without making a commitment to your club, but armed with their contact information, you have a powerful second chance to close the sale.

A great email follow-up involves four critical components.


The longer you wait to contact a lead after the initial meeting, the lower your chances of making a sale. Other concerns creep into their mind, they start considering other options, and they even think that you are not interested in their business. Rectify the situation by waiting no more than 48 hours to follow-up with a sales lead.

Knowing when to stop communication is also important. When a lead does not respond to your first two or three messages, it is unlikely that they will respond to a fourth. Investing more time and energy into a dead lead is a waste of your time, and theirs.

Engage in Conversation

A follow-up email is meant to evoke a response from the lead. If all you do is tell them thank you for stopping by, they have no incentive to respond to your message. A better strategy is to ask leading questions about any other concerns they may have about the club that you can answer, or point out features of the membership that align with the lead's goals. In both cases, you greatly increase your chance of an engaged response.

Draft A Template

In almost every club, the sales team is made up of people whose primary job is training, and not sales. Start your team on the path to success with a simple, adaptable follow-up email template. The template works as an outline the sales team should adhere to, offering structure and guidance to each email message. The template should also allow enough room to:

Personalize The Message

A standardized message is easy to spot from the first sentence, and will never make an impact with your leads. The leads want to feel special, that you care about their specific needs, and your club must be able to demonstrate how you can fulfill those needs. In the message, refer back to as many details from the last meeting as you can, from what the lead looks for in a club to his or her previous fitness experience.Download our free whitepaper on driving sales with text messaging

Trust In-Touch Technology

A follow-up email is your opportunity to make a second sales pitch and close the deal. Tools like the InTouch customer relationship management software assist you in working leads through your sales pipeline and converting more leads.

Contact InTouch Technology today for more information regarding sales and retention software for health clubs.

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