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How to Plan for Success in 2018


Now is the time to plan how to kickstart your health club into a successful 2018. It’s the time to look back at what worked and what didn’t work in 2017 and how your club can increase acquisition and retention rates in the coming year. We’ve pulled out our best posts of 2017 to help you plan your club’s strategy for 2018.

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How to Get Started With Facebook Advertising


Setting up an effective paid advertising campaign with a provider such as Google Adwords can be challenging.To top it off, there’s also the added worry of whether the campaign you set up will actually produce positive ROI. We want to help health clubs make the most of their marketing budget so we put together this step by step guide to getting started with one of the easier advertising providers to use - Facebook. Follow these steps to become a Facebook marketing whiz!

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How To Prepare For The January Rush - 2 Months Out


With January just around the corner, now is a good time for club owners and management to begin preparations for the busiest time of year. It’s also a good time to reflect on last year’s strategy - what worked, what didn’t work and how you can learn from both to make the most of the January rush.

Now that we’re two months out from that January rush, we’ve put together three top tips for beginning preparations.

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3 Quick Tips for Driving Membership Sales | CRM Software | InTouch Technology


Seasonal changes, holidays and even evolving fitness trends can all impact your club’s sales figures. How can club owners and sales staff ensure that consistent numbers of new leads are being added to the sales funnel? We’ve put together three quick tips for driving membership sales through the roof.

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How to Boost Your Club's Website Traffic

The average website receives 51% of its traffic from organic sources (that’s website traffic coming from a search engine such as Google). This means that if you want your club to be the first listing people see when they google “local gyms” or “health clubs near me”, you’re going to have to learn about the magical world of Search Engine Optimization.

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Four Tips for Building Club Member Marketing Profiles


One of the most helpful tools in a fitness club's marketing toolbox is the ideal member marketing profile.  By building a clear, concise profile of your ideal member you can laser-focus your marketing messages and imagery to appeal to the niche you know will be the best fit for your club. Marketing profiles define who your ideal member is from a strategic standpoint.  They provide ideas on how to engage in better outreach, aimed at bringing in more members who match your marketing profiles.

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