About Our Club Management Software

We're InTouch Technology and we build sales and retention software just for health clubs. Since inception our goal has been to provide real-world solutions to solve the communication challenges that health clubs of all sizes face. Currently over 800 fitness clubs worldwide use our software to proactively communicate with leads, personal training clients and members and drive their sales.

Our History

The idea behind InTouch Technology was born after we saw family and friends struggling to get involved in a fitness program. We noticed that many health clubs weren't doing a great job of following up with our family and friends after they initially expressed interest in becoming a member - this led to lots of people not signing up. And for those who did join a club, there was very little communication after they signed up so they would eventually stop going to the gym and cancel their memberships.

We wanted to do our part in helping people get active and saw a need in the health and fitness industry for a system that would help clubs sell more memberships and keep their existing members engaged after they signed up. In 2005 we founded the company and set out to build a solution specifically for health clubs to ensure that staff proactively communicated with all leads and members. 


The InTouch Difference

We are passionate about making a difference in the success of health clubs through cutting-edge technology, design, and superb customer relationships. Because we focus solely on the health and fitness industry, our products and services have been completely built with health club workflows in mind. This makes our solutions easy-to-use and ensure that they work with your existing processes. Our management team boasts a combined 35+ years in the health and fitness industry so we understand the different types of end-users in a club and strive to make the software work seamlessly for each user.

At InTouch, we feel that highly personalized experiences for all members are the key to club and member success. Our innovative solutions and dedication to service make us the ideal partner to help grow your club.

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