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Member Lifecycle Management Software Aids Planning and Tracking

Every day, more and more fitness clubs are discovering the benefits of health club membership software solutions. Health clubs have particular sales and conversion processes and our member lifecycle management solutions have been designed specifically to meet those needs.  

The difference between software designed specifically for health club member management and more "general purpose" customer management tools can be extensive. If your club is using standard, out-of-the-box software, or even still relying on spreadsheet packages, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading to something better-suited to your needs.

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Building Referral Business with Member Lifecycle Management Software

Referrals are a great source of new leads and members. Referrals are almost always highly-qualified, and unlike walk-ins they will have a direct connection to the club. Whether they were referred by a friend, family, coworker, or anyone else, they have an inherent interest in the club simply by virtue of that person already being a member.  Referral leads are an incredible opportunity, so you and your sales staff should be making the most of every possible resource to ensure they convert.  Good gym membership software can be your true key to success here, because of the extra tools it gives you to manage those leads.

Based on our own work in the industry, here are our top suggestions for how to maximize conversions for member referrals.

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Style & Pitch: Best Practices for Health Club Sales Presentations to Leads



10 minutes is the average attention span for a presentation. What this means for health clubs who rely on sales presentations for converting leads into members is that their presentations need to be personalized, consistent and above all concise.

Working closely with health clubs over the years to improve their sales processes, we’ve seen our fair share of engaging and lead-converting presentations. Using this experience, we’ve compiled some key tips for supercharging your club’s sales presentations.

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9 Tips for Supercharged Sales Presentations



At InTouch, we understand that the sales presentation plays a major role in membership and PT lead conversion. We want to help clubs develop a disciplined, “leadership approved” approach to their sales presentations so club management can be sure that leads are receiving engaging, personalized presentations. To help with this, we’ve put together the below 9 tips to help you supercharge your sales presentations.

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Integrated Health Club Sales and Management Software with InTouch Link



At InTouch Technology, we are committed to building robust, user-friendly member lifecycle management solutions. We want to make it easy for clubs to manage their lead and member communications and data.  For this reason, we dedicate a lot of our time working on ways to streamline the data entry and management process so that clubs can focus on sales and retention.

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Eight Hot Tips for Improving and Streamlining Your Fitness Club Sales



At this time of year, it’s always a good idea to check-in and see how your club is performing against recruitment and retention goals.

If your club’s sales performance is keeping you up at night, or you want to achieve club goals and then some, there are plenty of ways you could help improve sales numbers.  Working with your staff to build effective recruitment and retention strategies now will pay dividends throughout the year.

InTouch Technology is an industry pioneering software provider supporting health club sales teams and enhancing member lifecycle management. Rooted in our extensive industry experience working with health clubs around the world for over 10 years, the following 8 steps provide a guiding strategy for you to implement in your club to optimize sales performance.

Eight Proven Ways to Boost Health Club Membership Sales

1 . Strike while the iron is hot

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5 Steps to Boosting Health Club Member Retention


We often hear our customers talk about member acquisition... but what happens once you’ve made the sale and converted a lead into a member? At that point, successful gyms turn their attention to member engagement and to one of our favourite metrics - retention.

After all, analysis after analysis has shown that member retention is less expensive than recruitment.  It generally costs around five times as much to gain even a single new member as it costs to hold onto an existing member.  While it is important for the growth of your club to continue acquiring new members, you should also look to develop a strategy to lower membership churn rates and hold onto your valued members.

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