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How to Improve Your Club's Visibility with Online Marketing

Right now, there are probably more ways to build your health club brand and member list than ever before.  Online marketing, combined with follow up system software which lets you easily track leads, have opened numerous new opportunities for outreach and awareness-building. 

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Follow Up Software: Five Important Engagement Metrics to Optimize Conversions



With great follow up software like InTouch, your sales funnel data can turn into a wealth of actionable insights for improving your sales conversion tactics.

When properly implemented, good follow up software can track a wide variety of customer-level engagement statistics, as well as associated salesperson performance. These include many metrics which are good indicators of whether visitors and other leads will sign up. Finding ways to optimize those metrics will lead directly to improvements in your sales processes overall.

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From The Experts: 4 Tips for Using InSights + Goals

InTouch customers who haven’t already accessed our newly released goal setting feature, InSights + Goals, are in for a treat. Not only can you now monitor your club’s sales performance at every stage of the sales funnel, but with InSights + Goals, you can also set club and individual sales goals and track performance against targets.

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Member Lifecycle Management Software Aids Planning and Tracking

Every day, more and more fitness clubs are discovering the benefits of health club membership software solutions. Health clubs have particular sales and conversion processes and our member lifecycle management solutions have been designed specifically to meet those needs.  

The difference between software designed specifically for health club member management and more "general purpose" customer management tools can be extensive. If your club is using standard, out-of-the-box software, or even still relying on spreadsheet packages, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading to something better-suited to your needs.

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Building Referral Business with Member Lifecycle Management Software

Referrals are a great source of new leads and members. Referrals are almost always highly-qualified, and unlike walk-ins they will have a direct connection to the club. Whether they were referred by a friend, family, coworker, or anyone else, they have an inherent interest in the club simply by virtue of that person already being a member.  Referral leads are an incredible opportunity, so you and your sales staff should be making the most of every possible resource to ensure they convert.  Good gym membership software can be your true key to success here, because of the extra tools it gives you to manage those leads.

Based on our own work in the industry, here are our top suggestions for how to maximize conversions for member referrals.

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Style & Pitch: Best Practices for Health Club Sales Presentations to Leads



10 minutes is the average attention span for a presentation. What this means for health clubs who rely on sales presentations for converting leads into members is that their presentations need to be personalized, consistent and above all concise.

Working closely with health clubs over the years to improve their sales processes, we’ve seen our fair share of engaging and lead-converting presentations. Using this experience, we’ve compiled some key tips for supercharging your club’s sales presentations.

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