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Eight Hot Tips for Improving and Streamlining Your Fitness Club Sales



At this time of year, it’s always a good idea to check-in and see how your club is performing against recruitment and retention goals.

If your club’s sales performance is keeping you up at night, or you want to achieve club goals and then some, there are plenty of ways you could help improve sales numbers.  Working with your staff to build effective recruitment and retention strategies now will pay dividends throughout the year.

InTouch Technology is an industry pioneering software provider supporting health club sales teams and enhancing member lifecycle management. Rooted in our extensive industry experience working with health clubs around the world for over 10 years, the following 8 steps provide a guiding strategy for you to implement in your club to optimize sales performance.

Eight Proven Ways to Boost Health Club Membership Sales

1 . Strike while the iron is hot

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5 Steps to Boosting Health Club Member Retention


We often hear our customers talk about member acquisition... but what happens once you’ve made the sale and converted a lead into a member? At that point, successful gyms turn their attention to member engagement and to one of our favourite metrics - retention.

After all, analysis after analysis has shown that member retention is less expensive than recruitment.  It generally costs around five times as much to gain even a single new member as it costs to hold onto an existing member.  While it is important for the growth of your club to continue acquiring new members, you should also look to develop a strategy to lower membership churn rates and hold onto your valued members.

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8 Great Tips for Improving Your Health Club Sales


How is 2017 treating your health club so far?  Are you meeting your recruitment and retention goals?

Whether you're still looking to meet those goals, or you're looking to push even harder for growth, there are plenty of ways you could help improve your health club sales.  Working with your staff on their recruitment and retention strategies now can pay off throughout the year.

Free Whitepaper: How to Drive Health Club Sales With Text Messaging

Based on our extensive industry experience, here are eight ideas to consider implementing in your own club or gym.

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I Resolve… 2017 will be the Best Year Ever for Your Health Club

We’re chiming in with our own version of a New Year’s classic for health club owners and managers… New Year’s Resolutions. Each December 25th people receive memberships as gifts or choose (at midnight on December 31st) to make NEXT YEAR the one for health and fitness. We know clubs are already preparing – planning HOW to inspire and encourage these new members to keep at it long enough to benefit and make it habitual.

At InTouch, we see it as our duty to inspire and encourage YOU, too. We heartily encourage fitness club owners, executives and managers to make their own New Year’s resolutions to improve the health and profitability of their business.

While you might have your own goals for 2017, here are a few suggestions from InTouch.

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Gyms:

  1. I Will… Have a Plan to Hang onto New January Memberships

Most clubs see an influx of members in January with people vowing to improve their health. Unfortunately, most also see those new members fade away as they give up on their resolution. Don't let them! Keep track of your new members and give them special attention via personalized communications and outreach to keep them coming back.

  1. I Will… Have the Cleanest Gym in the Region

New members notice the tiny details of cleanliness that older members have long overlooked in their pursuit of a workout. The New Year’s resolution crowd will be looking for any excuse to give up after the first few workouts. Vow to not give them any! Even if you already strive to keep your club in top condition, re-double your efforts. It'll pay off when showing new potential members around and keeping your gym a place that members want to come back to week after week. 

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Key Trends In 2017: Making Your Health Club a GREAT Place to Work Out

It’s no secret that the health & fitness industry is highly susceptible to trends. Fads in diet, wellness and exercise programs, some good, some bad, always seem to come and go. Members of health clubs expect their gym to keep up with the times, acting as their watchdog and providing current programs designed to help members achieve their fitness goals. Keeping abreast of the latest trends while maintaining solid, tried and true programming that drive results is a careful balancing act.

A great gym has a culture, a feel, that helps its members be inspired and empowered, while giving them the workout options they expect.  So, with that in mind, let's take a look at a few trends that are likely to shape gym culture and member experience in the year to come.

A Few Predictions For 2017 Gym Trends

  1. "HIIT" High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

The last few years have seen a lot of experimentation with mix-and-match workout styles, like CrossFit, combining a multitude of different types.  Whether your flavor is Bootcamp or CrossFit or BollyX, the resulting HIIT workouts craze continues to attract people for group classes and personal training.  With the emphasis on results, this approach shows no sign of slowing down!

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Happy holidays from InTouch


Time flies when you are having fun and we had an absolute blast at InTouch this year!  It was truly a game changing year in all areas of our business.  We feel inspired, energized and ready to take on  2017!

Before we do that though, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on a few of exciting things that happened here at InTouch in 2016: 

  • We welcomed Dana Milkie as our new President and CEO. A health club industry veteran, Dana’s positive impact has been felt throughout our team.
  • We redefined our goals as a company to include delivering solutions in all areas of member lifecycle engagement. We are working hard to make that vision a reality in 2017.
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Improving Online Lead-to-Sales Conversion Ratios

Your club’s marketing team has done all the right things communicating your club’s special and unique offerings to a highly-competitive marketplace. They’ve pierced the noise and leveraged every technological advantage to bring you web leads. Hooray!

Now, how do you best nurture those precious online connections that are potential members of your club?
At InTouch, we’ve studied this nurturing/sales process with our new InSights Dashboards, looking deep into over 10 years’ worth of health club industry data.

What we see is that clubs using InTouch lead tracking and sales CRM software achieve up to 22% web lead to sale conversion rates.

What are these clubs doing with InTouch that manual systems are not?

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Best of #Fitness on Twitter for the Holidays

Here’s a (hopefully!) helpful time saver for your #Holiday season. We dove into Twitter and researched some ideas to help make your #Fitness dreams come true this year. #HappyHolidays

Best Holiday #Healthy Meals

It’s easy to splurge over the holidays but here are some ‘Tweet’ ideas for beautiful, healthy meals that will wow your guests.

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Case Study: Problem Solving Sales Decline using InTouch Follow-Up



The challenge? After a period of high-growth at Jared Williams’ chain of Dynamic Fitness clubs in the highly competitive market of Houston, Texas, sales had leveled-off and were moving towards declining. He needed data across his sales pipeline to diagnose and repair the process and get sales back on track.

Jared’s solution? He returned to basics and took a very close look at each step of the prospect journey from starting out as a lead to becoming a member. Luckily, he had built his sales tracking software with InTouch Follow-Up so he had clearly defined workflows to review and a gold mine of historical data to help him key in on problem areas. The Business Development team at InTouch Technology was also able to provide him industry benchmark data to further help him see where he was lower than, meeting or exceeding industry performance standards on key metrics.

What Dynamic Fitness Discovered

Number of leads into the system was not the problem.

Initially, Jared had thought he needed more leads but after analysis, he discovered the truth – leads were not being properly nurtured by his membership counselors. InTouch Follow-Up reporting showed that calendar alerts for personal touch-points (phone calls, text, emails) were being missed. Lower than normal leads to appointment and appointment to show ratios were clearly the problem.

Dynamic Fitness needed to increase show rates.

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